• Technical Analysis


    EUR/USD Have a multi timeframe study there is ah high possibility we can see a (HEAD & SHOULDER) formation on the weekly TF. EUR/USD we are seeing a bearish forecast on our (4HR TF) their is a possibility we can see price respect our 4HR trendline and go short. Also with a strong US Dollar we are looking at a bearish forecast. If you find this helpful and want more FREE Updates on TradingView . . . . . Please show your support back, . . . . . . . . Hit the 👍 LIKE button, . . . . . . . . . . . Drop some feedback below in the comment! ❤️ Your Support is very much 🙏 appreciated! ❤️ 💎 Want us to help you become a better Forex trader? Now, It’s your turn! Be sure to leave a comment let us know how do you see this opportunity and forecast. Trade well, ❤️ 1_GFX English Support Team ❤️